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Welcome to Reto Iten Metals AG Switzerland

RIM Tobacco Machinery & Spares

Our core business for 27 years:
Second Hand
Machinery trading

As a comprehensive service we can offer you a wide range of second-hand machinery either from stock or from market availabilities. For the customers wanting to keep down their investments, a purchase of used and upgraded machines is an alternative.

New Packaging Machinery

Through our experience in the tobacco machinery business, and our worldwide network, we can provide a wide range of new machines. Especially when it comes to PACKAGING MACHINES we are your reliable partner.

Bestsellers-Consumable Parts

Top-Selling daily consumables at higly competive prices. Interesting offers for re-sellers & consumers. We supply to several european rebuilders and distributors and many consumers worldwide.

Service of Machine

Along with our Spare part and Machine supply Reto Iten Metals Ltd (RIM) offers a wide range of services to the tobacco industry with our highly skilled technical staff.

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